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You probably know or have heard of a link in the bio underneath your favorite Instagram accounts. Sometimes the pages that you follow may post something eye-catching with the caption ‘link in bio’.

When running a brand page on Instagram, this link in bio is essential to drive your audience and increase traffic to your page, considering the limitations of the platform you post the link on. 

What Do We Mean By A Link In Bio?

As the name says, “link in bio” is primarily the hyperlinked URL that you add to your account description on various platforms.  Almost all the social media outlets offer you an option to add a link to your bio for your followers to be redirected to the product page, advertisement, or merchandise. 

The option for adding a link that can be clicked on your homepage is available for platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This will take your customers to the product immediately. But with Instagram, things can get a little technical. For example, pages with more than ten thousand followers have the option to share links via their stories, but other who are struggling to gather an audience cant avail this. On top of that, links shared on stories are available only for 24 hours and are not ideal for increasing traffic to your site. 

Make Your Followers Into Your Loyal Customers

Maximize the traffic of your site by using the link in the bio tool offered by Linktrest. See the stats and learn what your customers are more interested in to increase the traffic.

Increase Sales To Your Website

With Linktrest, you can turn each of the posts on your social media accounts into a purchasable and clickable picture. Further, we highlight the most viewed items to get a better idea of your customer choices.  

How To Put Up A Link In Your Bio

This is perhaps one of the most convenient jobs out there. You can use a phone app of the social media platform or a personal computer/laptop to add a link in your bio.

You need to follow the basic steps given below.

  1. Click On Your Instagram Profile

Click on your profile and select the ‘Edit Profile’ option. 

2. Add URL In The Website Option

Then by clicking the ‘website’ option, add the link that you want to be in your bio, which will take the followers to your product. 

3. Save The Changes When Finished

Click on ‘Done’ once you have added the link in your bio to save changes. 

Features of LINKTREST Bio Link Tool

  • Easily Relay Any Link

With Linktrest, you can assign any new URL to the already existing link to correct a destination error or any update in the website or product. 

  • QR Codes

You can also create a QR code for the link that you mention in the bio. These codes can be placed on billboards, advertisements, newspapers, t-shirts to increase traffic to your site. 

  • Create Protected & Authentic Links

This is perhaps one of the most essential feature of Linktrest. We ensure that the links we create are the most reliable and trustworthy so that you don’t have to worry about security concerns. 

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